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From Table Manners to Weddings, via Taxis, Tea, Titles, Tolerance, Understatement and Weather, our indispensable Guide to British Behaviour.

In This Section

  • guide to table manners

    Table Manners

    Follow the Debrett's guide to table manners to ensure you don't offend fellow diners.
  • guide to tact


    Tact is seen as a way of gently oiling the wheels of conversation and maintaining social relations.
  • taxi étiquette


    Black London taxis are a famous British institution.
  • serving tea


    The British love nothing better than 'putting their feet up' and enjoying a 'cuppa'.
  • tipping étiquette


    When tipping, use your discretion, but err on the side of generosity.
  • using titles


    You may need to do a little bit of homework to make sure you get the title correct.
  • guide to tolerance


    Tolerance in every definition is at the very heart and soul of modern manners.
  • guide to u and non u terms

    U and Non-U

    If you are anxious to pass muster in more class-aware environments you should remember the basics.
  • guide to understatement


    The stiff upper lip is underpinned by understatement, a very British way of speaking.
  • guide to taking about the weather

    Weather, Talking About

    The weather is a topic that is deployed nationwide as an ice-breaker.
  • wedding etiquette

    Weddings, Attending

    How to be a gracious guest at a wedding.
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Debrett's Handbook

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Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

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