Food & Drink

food and drink etiquette, debrett's guide to food and drink

Eating and drinking are two of life's great pleasures, but negotiating the minefield of table manners, difficult foods and obscure drinks, whether at home or in a restaurant, can can be very challenging.

Debrett's Food and Drink is a detailed guide to the etiquette of all things gastronomic.

  • Table Manners

    How to dine politely and manage tricky foods
  • how to eat, eating difficult foods, debrett's guide to food, food etiquette

    How to Eat

    From shellfish to pizza, how to manage the trickiest of foods
  • Restaurant Etiquette

    Enhance your restaurant experience by remembering a few rules...
  • Wine and Champagne

    Advice and guidance on drinking wines and champagne
  • debrett's guide to aperitifs, digestifs, how to serve aperitifs, what is aperitif

    Aperitifs and Digestifs

    From pre-lunch to post-dinner, guidance on traditional tipples...
  • whisky etiquette, guide to whisky, debrett's guide to whisky


    Advice on how to drink blends and single malts...
  • Tea

    From teapots and loose leaf to teabags and milk...
  • Abstinence

    Advice on how to steer clear of alcohol altogether...


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Getting ahead

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Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

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