Wedding Ceremonies

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Once the couple have decided on the type of wedding ceremony, they should research what is required of them and how to book their big day.

  • roman catholic ceremony, guide to wedding ceremonies

    Roman Catholic

    From requirements of the Roman Catholic Church to ceremony essentials.
  • civil ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, debrett's wedding guide

    Civil Ceremonies

    Approved venues, register offices, music, readings, civil partnerships and blessings.
  • ceremony highlights, wedding ceremony

    Ceremony Highlights

    From the entrance of the bride to the first kiss.
  • hindu weddings

    Other Faiths

    Church of Scotland, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Non-Conformist, Quaker and Sikh.
  • ceremony essentials, wedding ceremonies

    Ceremony Essentials

    Legalities, costs, marriage certificates and confetti.
  • church of england weddings

    Church of England

    From the banns and the vows to the seating plan and hymns.
Debrett's wedding guide

Debrett's wedding guide

Debrett's Wedding Essentials

Debrett's Wedding Essentials

Debrett's Wedding Essentials

Debrett's Wedding Essentials

Whether you are just engaged or approaching the big day, Debrett’s Wedding Essentials can help you plan and perfect your wedding.

Debrett's Notebooks

Debrett's Notebooks

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