Thanking the Wedding Team

The bride and groom should show their appreciation of the wedding team's hard work. It is usual for the couple to buy them each of them a present.

Traditionally, the groom buys something for the best man, bridesmaids, ushers and mothers.

Nowadays, however, many couple choose the gifts together and either to split the cost or build it into the wedding budget.

The Parents

- The mothers traditionally receive a bouquet of flowers from the groom towards the end of his speech. However, many grooms wish to give a different gift or choose a quieter, less public time.

- The groom may also like to thank his new father-in-law for any financial contributions. A bottle of top quality whisky, such as a single malt, is a popular option.

- Sometimes, the bride and groom will also take their parents out for dinner after the honeymoon.

The Best Man and Ushers

- The groom should give the best man a memorable present he can keep; cufflinks or hip flasks are traditional choices.

- The ushers' presents need not be as generous as the best man's; a bottle of good-quality whisky or something similar is usual.

- The best man and usher's presents are usually given out on the morning of the wedding.

- If budget is tight, you could take the ushers out for a meal instead of giving them all presents.

The Bridesmaids

- The chief bridesmaid should receive something of greater value than the other bridesmaids; jewellery is a popular option.

- The presents for the bridal party are usually given out during the groom's speech.

- If, however, the present is a necklace or earrings that can be worn on the day, then they can be given on the morning of the wedding.

Baby Bridesmaids and Pages

- Their presents are usually given out during the groom's speech; it is a nice gesture to give them something they can keep for the future.

Other Presents

- Anyone who has significantly helped out or done the bride and groom a favour should also receive a present.

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