31 Jan 2022

How to quit your job

2021 was the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ in the UK, with people deciding to quit their jobs at record rates. In September alone, 4.4 million people moved on from existing employment.

Whether the pandemic has forced you to take stock and seek new horizons, or you’ve been offered a more senior role within a different organisation, leaving any job requires tact and diplomacy. Here are our six tips for ensuring relations remain cordial (and bridges unburnt) when you hand in your notice.

6 Tips for Quitting with Courtesy

1. Meet your boss face-to-face

Do your boss the courtesy of asking for an in-person meeting in the first instance. If you’re working remotely, arrange a telephone or video call.

2. Keep it brief and to-the-point

Get to the point and explain that you’re planning to hand in your notice, with a brief summary of the reasons. There’s no need for lots of hand-wringing or expressions of regret. Then draw the meeting to a close to let your manager digest the information.

3. Be positive and say thank you

Thank your boss for the opportunities you have been offered, and try to be enthusiastic about your time at the company. Remember that you may well need a reference, so you’ll want to leave on a positive note.

4. Beware of airing grievances

Think carefully before going into detail about any issues you experienced with the management, the company or your role. You risk turning the meeting confrontational, and may say things you regret. If there’s a formal feedback process for departing employees, by all means share your experiences in more detail there.

5. Follow up with a formal letter

As soon as possible after your meeting, send your manager a letter, confirming your end date and any terms associated with your notice period. Reiterate your thanks for the opportunity.

6. Keep the news to yourself

Resist telling colleagues your news before your boss does. He or she may wish to have a recruitment plan in place for your replacement before letting the wider team know what’s happening.


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