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The Peerage & Baronetage database contains biographical information and coats of arms for over 3,000 hereditary peers, life peers and baronets. Our Guide to the Peerage explains the history and system of titles in the UK.

Debrett’s Etiquette is an unrivalled guide to protocol and modern manners, offering information about addressing royalty, people with titles and members of the professions, as well as advice on correspondence, rites of passage, business etiquette and international etiquette.

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From the 18th century: Sir, I am returning the slip for Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage revised, corrected & with the blank spaces filled up… Another from the 19th century: Sir, My compliments to the Editor of Debrett’s Peerage &c, I have the satisfaction of stating that I have found no reason to offer any remark on the inclosed paper… Review of a publication from our catalogue of 1792: (edited) We have no Doubt of the Fidelity of Mr White’s Traflation, and we cannot but think that even thofe Perfons, who are unfavourably dipofed toward the French Revolution, may be entertained and informed by the Perufal of this Volume. (edited)
In 1769, a three-volume work was published: The New Peerage, documenting the ‘Present State of the Nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland’ along with family details, mottos and coats of arms. The editor was not named, but is thought to have been John Almon. In 1802 publisher and bookseller John Debrett first gave his name to the volume, which continued to be published for 250 years and 150 editions.
Since the mid 1900s, Debrett’s has also established itself as the world’s leading authority on protocol and correct form, publishing a range of guides on traditional British etiquette including Debrett’s A–Z of Modern Manners, Debrett’s Wedding Handbook, Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman and Debrett’s Handbook.
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