7 Feb 2023

Easter revision courses: time to get cracking?

It may only seem like yesterday we packed the Christmas decorations away, but the reality is that before we know it, the Easter holidays will be upon us, and with it, for students in the last three years of school – a great opportunity for some focused revision time! As former GCSE and A Level teachers, our consultants at Debrett’s Education know all too well the difference made to students who make the most of structured revision.

Since the A Levels returned to becoming linear (whereby students are assessed and awarded at the end of two years of study), the challenge for students has become to retain and then impart the knowledge and information gained over two years of study in the form of exams in the summer term of Year 13. The implications of failing these exams are huge, with many long-term plans and dreams dependent on a successful outcome.

However, it is not just Yr 13 who might be in search of a bit of extra support – Yr 12s who are only a short term away from having to make their university applications, will be conscious of the fact that their predicted grades will be make-or-break in terms of which universities they should approach, and of course, for those students facing GCSEs, A Level and further education courses are also dependent on achieving at the those Level 6s and above.

Hence, much to the dread of so many teens, the need for a well-organised, structured revision schedule becomes a vital part of the Easter holidays and the peak revision time for consolidating the knowledge gained. 

We know of course that there are many students who are happy to organise themselves into a revision schedule, but there are always some who need extra support. Formal Easter revision courses run by schools and colleges are popular, and a great opportunity for those who need a routine and help keep the motivation and momentum going. These intensive revision courses focus on subject-specific topics, fill in any gaps in knowledge or understanding, and teach exam techniques that many students need help with. As well as consolidating knowledge, many courses will run assessments and provide feedback so students can see exactly how they are performing and highlight areas that may need more work. This, in turn, will boost confidence and help students to be “exam ready”.

Courses range from intensive subject focus day courses to residential courses, with varied durations, from weekend courses to ones lasting two weeks. Many schools will offer revision sessions for their own students, but there are other courses run at independent colleges, previously known as “crammer colleges”, that also offer high-quality intensive revision courses. Similarly, there are a number of residential programmes are often run at boarding schools over the Easter break. Residential courses are very popular for overseas students, especially those who cannot return home for the holidays. These courses are an ideal way to use the holidays to manage their revision in a more formal structured environment.

We are not suggesting on any level that the students have been inadequately prepared by their teachers – far from it – but inevitably there is so much to take in at both GCSE and A Level and so much work to be covered just ensuring that the specifications are covered, that the luxury of concentrated and personalised exam preparation may just be that. For some students just hearing the same information being reinforced by a different voice can make all the difference. The benefit of a formal revision course is that students are kept focused and organised, the time has been utilised effectively, and students can confidently approach their exams knowing they have done a solid course of revision.

If you would like more information about which courses are available and where, or just a chat about how best to support your child, through these next few months, please give one of our consultants a call on +44 (0) 203 848 9201, or fill out the enquiry form on our website education.debretts.com


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