22 Nov 2018

What Are You Giving Thanks For?

To sit alone or with a few friends, half-drunk under a full moon, you just understand how lucky you are; it's a story you can't tell. It's a story you almost by definition can't share. I've learned in real time to look at those things and realise: I just had a really good moment. - Anthony Bourdain

Are you planning on giving thanks this holiday season? We live in a fast-paced world where we often pay our phones more attention than ourselves and those we love. With that in mind, we've written below three ways you can use Thanksgiving as a springboard to focus on what's important in life and how to put actions into practice.

1. Start a Gratitude Diary

Studies show that writing helps organise our thoughts. So make sure you pick up a pen each time you experience something that touches the heart. The secret to staying committed to your diary is by keeping it brief and by not setting yourself targets for the number of entries.

2. Do Something Kind for Someone

Being kind is the one decision that we can make every day to bring some happiness to other people as well as ourselves. Whether it's buying food to give to the homeless, or giving up your seat to someone less able than you on public transport, being kind is good for the soul.

3. Give Away, Rather than Sell, Unwanted Possessions

You don't have to open the eBay app every time you're having a clear out. Donating clothes to a charity shop instead of selling them for a few pounds makes a real difference to those who need it most.

We hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and find some time today to reflect, recenter and refocus on the important people and things in your world.


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