4 Feb 2020

How to plan a perfect proposal

Valentine's Day is apparently the second most popular date in the year for proposals to take place, so if a significant piece of jewellery is soon going to be burning a hole in your pocket, we've got a few pointers to make sure the moment is memorable for all the right reasons.

1.) Make it personal

Whether it's the scene of your first date, a significant anniversary or a shared hobby, make your proposal personal by incorporating what matters to you both. Equally, avoid anything your partner really won't enjoy: sinking to one knee at the top of the Eiffel Tower might seem romantic, but is less than ideal if he or she suffers from a debilitating fear of heights.

2.) Beware the public proposal

Proposing in a public place is fun, right? There's the awed silence as a crowd gathers to observe the scene, followed by rapturous applause when your partner accepts. Well, in theory – but a highly public proposal could put pressure on the other person to say yes just to save your blushes, even if they have misgivings. If you are going to propose in public, try to find a quiet moment so that you can celebrate – or not – privately before letting others know your news.

3.) Don't overcomplicate it

We get it: there's nothing more romantic than an all-day treasure hunt that leads to a ring concealed inside an ostrich egg buried in volcanic ash at the foot of Mount Fuji. But overcomplicate your proposal and you risk being too wrapped up in the logistics to enjoy the moment itself. By all means plan a memorable experience, but remember that 'memorable' could mean proposing over a bottle of champagne at home on the sofa.

4.) Record the moment... within reason

It's a life-changing event, and you'll understandably want a record of it for posterity. Just make sure the method of making one isn't too intrusive. Thrusting a smartphone into your partner's face to film their reply, or having a professional photographer spring out from behind a bush as they burst into tears of joy, might be overkill...

5.) Prepare to share the news

Before you post the above-mentioned photo or video on social media, share the news in person with your family and close friends. They will appreciate hearing about it from you first-hand, and their undoubted delight will make your celebrations even more special.



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