Titles in The Female Line

Titles in The Female Line

(E) = England
(S) = Scotland
(I) = Ireland

Although the great majority of hereditary peerage titles may descend only in the male line, there is a significant number of titles in the female line that  may also be inherited by a female heir, and may pass in the female line.

These are as follows:

Arlington, Barony (E) 1672

Arlington, Earldom of (E) 1672, Viscount Thetford and Baron Arlington; abeyant 1936 [NOTE The Barony of Arlington was called out of abeyance in 1999]

Audley, Barony (E) 1313; abeyant 1997

Balfour of Burleigh, Lordship (S) 1607

Beaumont, Barony (E) 1309; subsumed in the dukedom of Norfolk

Berkeley, Barony (E) 1421

Berners, Barony (E) 1455

Botetourt, Barony (E) 1305; abeyant 1984

Botreaux, Barony (E) 1368; abeyant 1960

Braye, Barony (E) 1529

Buccleuch, Earldom (S) 1619 and lordship of Scott of Whitchester; subsumed in the dukedoms of Buccleuch and Queensberry

Burgh, Barony (E) 1529

Camoys, Barony (E) 1383

Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, Barony (E) 1608; subsumed in the earldom of Darnley

Clinton, Barony (E) 1299

Cobham, Barony (E) 1312/1313; abeyant 1951

Conyers, Barony (E) 1509; abeyant 1948

Cromartie, Earldom (UK) 1861 and Viscount Tarbat, Baron Castlehaven, Baron Macleod

Cromwell, Barony (E) 1375

Dacre, Barony (E) 1321

Darcy de Knayth, Barony (E) 1332

De Clifford, Barony (E) 1290

De La Warr, Barony (E) 1299; subsumed in the earldom of De La Warr

De Moleyns, Barony (E) 1444; subsumed in the viscountcy of St Davids

De Ros, Barony (E) 1264; Premier Barony of England

Dingwall, Lordship; see B Lucas of Crudwell

Dudley, Barony (E) 1439

Dumfries, Earldom (S) 1633; subsumed in the marquessate of Bute

Dundonald, Earldom (S) and Lordship of Cochrane of Paisley and Ochiltree cr 1669

Dunsany, Barony (I) 1439; and created again by patent 1461

Dysart, Earldom (S) and Lordship of Huntingtower cr 1643

Erroll, Earldom (S) 1452 and Lordship of Hay (S) 1449 and Slains (S) 1452

Fauconberg, Barony (E) 1283; abeyant 1948

Fitzwalter, Barony (E) 1295

Forrester of Corstorphine, Lordship (S) 1633; subsumed in the earldom of Verulam

Furnivall, Barony (E) 1295, abeyant 1968

Gray, Lordship (S) 1445

Grey de Ruthyn, Barony (E) 1324, abeyant 1963

Grey of Codnor, Barony (E) 1397

Hastings, Barony (E) 1290

Hastings of Hastings, Barony (E) 1456; abeyant 1960

Hay, Lordship; see E Erroll

Herbert, Barony (E) 1461

Herries of Terregles, Lordship (S) 1490

Howard de Walden, Barony (E) 1597

Hungerford, Barony (E) 1425; subsumed in the viscountcy of St Davids

Jellicoe, Viscountcy (UK) 1917; remainder to daughters of 1st Viscount and their heirs male; earldom to heirs male only.

Kinloss, Lordship (S) 1602

Kintore, Earldom (S) 1677 and Lord Keith of Inverurie and Keith Hall

Latymer, Barony (E) 1431/2

Le Despencer, Barony (E) 1264; subsumed in the viscountcy of Falmouth

Le Poer, Barony (I) 1375; subsumed in the marquessate of Waterford

Loudoun, Earldom (S) 1633, also Lord Campbell of Loudoun and Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline

Lucas of Crudwell, Barony (E) 1663; and Dingwall, Lordship (S) 1609

Manners of Haddon, Barony (E) 1679; subsumed in the dukedom of Rutland

Mar, Earldom (S) 1114/1404 and Lordship of Garioch (S) 1320

Marlborough, Dukedom (E) 1702, also Baron Churchill (E) 1685, Earl of Marlborough (E) 1689 and Marquess of Blandford (E) 1702

Massereene, Viscountcy and Barony of Loughneagh (I) 1660

Mountbatten of Burma, Earldom (UK) 1947 (female line for one generation only)

Mowbray, Barony (E) 1283 (see also Segrave)

Nairne, Lordship (S) 1681; subsumed in the viscountcy of Mersey

Napier, Lordship (S) 1627; united with the barony of Ettrick

Newburgh, Earldom (S) 1660; also Viscount of Kynnaird and Lord Levingstone

Norreys, Barony (E) 1572; subsumed in the earldoms of Lindsey and Abingdon

North, Barony (E) 1554; abeyant 1942

Orkney, Earldom of (S) 1696; also Viscount Kirkwall and Lord Dechmont

Paget de Beaudesert, Barony (E) 1549; subsumed in marquessate of Anglesey

Percy, Barony (GB) 1723; subsumed in the dukedom of Northumberland

Polwarth, Lordship (S) 1690

Rothes, Earldom (S) 1457, and Lordship of Leslie and Ballinbreich (S) 1445

Ruthven of Freeland, Lordship (S) 1651; subsumed in the earldom of Carlisle

Saltoun of Abernethy, Lordship (S) 1445

Saye and Sele, Barony (E) 1447 and 1603

Seafield, Earldom (S) 1701 and Viscount Seafield, Viscount Reidhaven, Lord Ogilvie of Cullen and Lord Ogilvie of Deskford and Cullen

Segrave, Barony (E) 1295 (see also Mowbray)

Sempill, Lordship (S) 1489

Stafford, Barony (E) 1640

Stanley, Barony (E) 1461; abeyant 1960

Strabolgi , Barony (E) 1318

Strange, Barony (E) 1628

Strange of Knockin, Barony (E) 1299; subsumed in the viscountcy of St Davids

Sutherland, Earldom (S) c1235; Lordship of Strathnaver

Vaux of Harrowden, Barony (E) 1523

Wentworth, Barony (E) 1529; subsumed in the earldom of Lytton

Wharton, Barony (E) 1544/1545

Willoughby de Broke, Barony (E) 1491

Willoughby De Eresby, Barony (E) 1313

Windsor, Barony (E) 1529, subsumed in the earldom of Plymouth

Zouche of Haryngworth, Barony (E) 1308


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